The Sight

The hot wind blew across his face while his foot sank in the sand. For every step he took, the depth seemed to increase. His shirtless torso had a lot of bruises and it was covered with blood. Covering his face with his shirt, he was walking across the stretch of desert which seemed to be endless. He had lost track of time but had new acquaintances in the form of hunger and thirst. With his broken legs begging him to give up, he kept moving on only because of his will to survive.

The sun was on top of his head and the heat was unbearable. In addition to the hot air, his eyes stung by the sand particles carried by the wind. Nothing was visible clearly. At times he doubted his own mental stability. He was determined to find the city that lies at the edge of this desert which served as his only hope for survival. The sand dunes could not demotivate him. He had already scaled them up and down from the morning and he was ready to scale more of them if it can lead him to his destination. Though he was not sure of his direction, a blind faith motivated him to believe that he will survive.

The climb was not easy as the ones he came past. It was steep, taller and physically demanding. His willpower was put to test as life, in general, is a sadistic one. It loves to see you suffer at the cost of it. But he did not want the sand dune to get the best of him. So he gathered all his might and continued his climb. By the time he reached the flat surface he was on all fours. When his eyes adjusted to the sight in front of him, he felt elated.

Skyscrapers were touching the clouds and cars were flying past them in the motorway. He could not believe his eyes. After he was sure of his perception, a warm smile appeared on his face. As he stood up and adjusted his position, the sand under his feet gave away and he started tumbling down the dune he climbed with all his might. Within seconds he fell flat at the bottom of the mighty sand dune. He opened his eyes and tried to comprehend the situation, in vain. He didn’t have the strength to pick himself up. So near yet so far, he thought of the city that he reached. Slowly, everything went black.

To be continued…